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 Company in Brief
Shanghai AT Microwave Limited, basing on a beautiful City Shanghai, provides RF, Microwave and millimeter wave modules. The founders have over 20 years of experience designing, developing, manufacturing, marketing and providing innovative solution to the industry. The founders have successfully designed and managed multi-million dollar technical projects from concept to completion.
Our target is to be one of the best provider in the industry, high performance, high quality and low price at the same time. For the same performance, our price would be one third of  traditional companies.
Company Culture
Integrity: We believe that integrity is the basement for a business.
Innovation: In the highly competitive market, only company with Innovation can be survived.
We believe that Shanghai AT is on the chain of industry.
We make money from providing high performance , high quality and low price products to our customers.
We make our providers make profit by providing materials for us, and also make our customer make profit by using our products.

Company Vision
Our goal is to be one of the best RF, Microwave and millimeter wave products provider in the world , providing high performance, high quality and low price products.

ISO 9000 Certification

Shanghai AT Microwave

  • RM D508, Building D, NO.100, Lane 2891, South Qilianshan RD, Putuo, Shanghai, China, 200331
  • 86-21-6229 1233
  • Mobile: 182-2112-3757
  • sales@atmicrowave.com
  • www.atmicrowave.com







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